Moscow,Remagen and Reykjavik 2012


Hey guys,sorry for not updating website that much time.Many things have happened since my last post.  First of all,since February 2012 I have been representing the Turkish Chess Federation! That’s a great news and I’m sure we will do a lot of great work together. Moreover from January to May 2012 I had honor to participate in such events like :



Moscow GM Tournament   28.01 — 05.02.2012 (Moscow,Russia)  -  link

Aeroflot Open A  07-16.02.2012 (Moscow,Russia) - link

Schachbundesliga 2011/2012 season   25-26.02.2012  ( Remagen,Germany)  link

Reykjavik Open  05-13.03.2012 ( Reykjavik,Iceland)   —  link

Schachbundesliga 2011/2012 season  17-18.03.2012 ( Bremen,Germany)  -   link

European Individual Chess Championship 19.03-01.04.2012 ( Plovdiv,Bulgaria)   —  link

Bosna Open  05-12.05.2012 ( Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina)   —  link


I had to play also for Law Academy team in Ukranian Team Chess Championship (Alushta, 16-25.05.2012) but couldn’t go there because of sad story which had happened in my family.


In this article I will report about Moscow,Remagen and Reykjavik while my impressions from Bremen,Plovdiv and Sarajevo I will share in coming posts.

So here we go :


Moscow GM Tournament. Missed many chances due to time trouble. I managed to get good positions out of the opening but before 40th move control I used to make many stupid decisions. The cause was just simple : I had been spending too much time in the middlegame. In both games which I won (against Ray Robson and Alexey Reshetnikov) I was up on time the entire game. Though my participation can be considered with a mark «bad» , I got a lot of experience and made a serious step to get rid of my time trouble problem.

Aeroflot Open A.  This tournament is considered to be one of the strongest chess events in the world. There are no easy opponents even if you play on the last board. For example,one strong GM 2570+ had 0 points out of 3 rounds. My participation wasn’t great too,I lost only one game but didn’t win any of them. So my result was -1=8. The second bad tournament in a row but more and more experience!

Schachbundesliga, weekend in Remagen. My team SK Turm Emsdetten faced Solingen and SK Remagen. The first match we lost but match against SK Remagen had more value for survival in Elite group. And we won with a minimum score! Jonny Hector defeated Alexandre Dgebuadze in a very complicated game. Mentioning my personal result I finished both games in draw against Daniel Stellwagen and Gawain Jones.

Reykjavik Open.   An amazing country and wonderful organization of the event! That was my first visit to Iceland and I got only superb impressions. The venue of festival was Harpa Concert Hall, maybe the most spectacular venue for chess event ever. Apart from playing chess,I took participation in friendly soccer match «Icelandic Chess Players vs Rest of the World» and went on excursion to Gullfoss Waterfall and famous Geysir. Now back to chess. I started 3/3 and it became clear that experience from Moscow finally paid out. The middle of the tournament wasn’t good,however wasn’t bad too. As usual,the last game had to decide everything. And I lost a completely winning game (more than 3,50 by Houdini) just in 1 move! The worst blunder in my career which cost me sharing the 2nd place and quite a good prize…  Nevertheless,I brought only positive impressions from Iceland and hope to come there again!


And now the most interesting part of the article : videos and photos!

We will go by this order :

  • Photos from Moscow
  • Photos from Remagen
  • Video from Reykjavik (made by myself)
  • Photos from Reykjavik


Photos from Moscow GM Tournament and Aeroflot Open 2012




Photos from Remagen




A couple of videos from Iceland  (C) Alex Ipatov


Gullfoss Waterfall Part 1



Gullfoss Waterfall Part 2






Geysir Explosion



Harpa Concert Hall





Photos from Reykjavik









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