FC Barcelona vs Milan 4-0. Catalans never give up!

Visca el Barça and.... Beşiktaş!

With fan of Barça from Turkey. He was quite surprised when I asked him question in Turkish :)

Huh, came home just one hour ago. It was something! I was happy to be at Camp Nou tonight. If somebody is not aware, the Champions League match between FC Barcelona and AC Milan was played there. In the first match, the Italian club took over Barça with 2-0 score so Catalans at home had to score at least twice to move match to the over time. And in case if Milan scored 1 goal, Barcelona should have scored 4 goals! That was a lot of excitement before,during and after the match. I’ve managed to take plenty of photos and videos so am glad to share them with you! Let’s fun begin! :)

The following photo is not mine but I’m pasting it just to show you atmosphere which was on Camp Nou tonight :


(C)  www.fcbarcelona.cat


I arrived to Barcelona right away after the Reykjavik Open finished, on February, 28th. I will write an article about my time in the Catalan capital but today’s post will be about soccer only :)

The morning before the match I woke up at 11 am. It became a normal time for me to wake-up while I’m in Barcelona :) I took breakfast, analysed some chess games, went shopping, took lunch and went on metro to Camp Nou with my mother. We’re renting an apartment right in the city center, walking distance to La Rambla and Plaça Catalunya is just 1 minute! So it was quite comfortable for us to travel to Camp Nou without any transfers. We took Linea 3 with destination Les Corts and 20 minutes later we were on place! Following pics will try to describe the atmosphere before the match.


Fans of Barça waiting for excitement. 2 min from Camp Nou.


Police will have a lot of work,not easy night for them! Camp Nou on the background.



Camp Nou before the match.


Fans of Barcelona from everywhere. Including Russia!


Fans arriving to Camp Nou


On the ball is written «Blaugrana». My nickname on ICC and Playchess :)


With a Russian fan of FC Barcelona.

Before entering the gate 102 ( entrance for my ticket), I saw people were taking photo with one dude. I had never seen him before but chess logic told me to ask people who was that guy :) They told «Michael Reiziger» I thought : «Hm, don’t know him but let’s take a pic and then take a look on Wikipedia». After I got home, I found information about him. Michael John Reiziger is ex-player of FC Barcelona, AC Milan, PSV, the Champions League winner with Ajax and one of the best Dutch defenders of 90s. So I made a correct choice taking pic with him!


With Michael Reiziger

When I got to my gate and found the seat, it was 1 hour left  till the start of the match. So I asked two guys to take pics with me on stadium’s background. They took. Then they asked me to take pics for them. And they opened some logo which was in Turkish! I understood where they from so asked question in Turkish. They got pretty much surprised, we started talking. They were fans of Beşiktaş. I’m sure if Umut and Dragan look at the following pic ( the same one is on the top of the article), they would be happy to see my next to the logo of Beşiktaş!


Visca el Barça… and Beşiktaş!


1 hour before the match


The match has just started!

During the FC Barcelona’s anthem, the stadium became the mosaic thanks to 90 000 fans holding yellow and red cards . It was incredible, you can watch the video I took :


I highly recommend to put  HD regime (720p) while watching. The quality will be significantly better!




The aim of this article is to share unique photos and videos and not covering the statistics of the match so I will be short. Barcelona beat Milan 4-0. Messi scored twice ( 5, 40), Villa ( 56) and Alba (90+2). I was lucky enough to catch on video two last goals. Enjoy them below :)



Goal of David Villa (minute 56)



Goal of Jordi Alba (minute 92) , final whistle and happiness of all Barcelona’s fans!



The stadium was full tonight so I assume that around 98 000 — 99 000 fans have come to enjoy this match. And I was glad to be one among them, however it was my 8th time on Camp Nou! :) It’s time for me to sleep. I really hope you will enjoy this post! Stay tuned, more articles about Barcelona to come!

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