Архив за месяц: Апрель 2013

Barcelona in March 2013. Over 30 pictures!

Hi, I spent more than two weeks this March in Barcelona, so would like to share with you some pictures from this amazing city. It was my NN trip to the Catalan capital, but nevertheless it was that enjoyable as … Читать далее

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Bringing Chess Skills into Real Life

In this post I would like to share some of my philosophical thoughts. Can chess be applied to the real world? I’m sure, that yes! In my opinion, the most important benefits of playing chess are the following : 1) Thinking … Читать далее

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Interesting pawn ending from 2013.

In the 5th round of the Turkish National Chess Championship 2013 I managed to win a really interesting pawn ending. You can find below some of my annotations.   My opponent had thought it would be an easy draw by … Читать далее

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