IMG_1926Hello and welcome to my personal blog! My name is Alex Ipatov. I’m actually a professional chess player, but chess is not my whole life. My main hobbies are : learning foreign languages, traveling, reading business and marketing literature, going to gym, playing and watching soccer! Also I’m trying to learn how to be more productive and outsource my life. My dream is to create a business with great service to clients. Companies that inspire me are Virgin and Zappos.


Born : Lviv (Ukraine)

Age : 20

Languages : Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish.

Profession : Chess Grandmaster.

Highest chess achievement : World Junior Champion 2012.

Favorite city : Cape Town.

Favorite author : Jules Verne.

Favorite classic book : «Gone with the Wind«. Author : Margaret Mitchell.

Favorite business book : «Customers for Life«. Authors : Carl Sewell, Paul B.Brown.

Favorite marketing book : «Purple Cow«. Author : Seth Godin.

Favorite recent book : «The 4-Hour Workweek» Author : Timothy Ferriss.

Favorite personality : Richard Branson.

Favorite movie : «Titanic» (1997)

Favorite actor : Leonardo di Caprio.

Favorite soccer club : Barça.