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Moscow,Remagen and Reykjavik 2012

Hey guys,sorry for not updating website that much time.Many things have happened since my last post.  First of all,since February 2012 I have been representing the Turkish Chess Federation! That’s a great news and I’m sure we will do a … Читать далее

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Chess Bundesliga 2011/2012.

  Almost one week ago as I came back from my first weekend at the German Chess Bundesliga.Despite of not a good result (-1=2) I got a lot of positive emotions and met a lot of interesting people!I’m very grateful … Читать далее

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The visit of «El Clásico»

Two days ago I managed to visit the «El Clásico» between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.The atmosphere on Camp Nou was unbeliavable!I made a lot of video on the stadium but at the moment could upload just one.This video (the … Читать далее

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Summer 2011. Catalonia

After I finished the tournaments on Crete,I managed to play two competitions in Catalonia — 1 rapid (Open de Cervelló) and 1 classical event (Open de La Pobla de Lillet).In the first one I took the 8th place (130 players … Читать далее

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Crete 2011. Paleochora

Hello everybody! I’m writing the article from Catalonia.A few days ago the Paleochora Chess Open finished. I finished it on 13th place ( among 243 participants). Also I had very nice vacations in Crete! Hope to come back there the … Читать далее

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Crete 2011. Rethymno

Yesterday the Open Chess Tournament of Rethymno finished.I managed to share the 1st-10th places but according to tie-break  I end up on the 7th place.In the tournament participated 186 players,from which 21 were GMs,11 — IMs and 14 — FMs.A … Читать далее

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