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Exploring Mallorca — Palma

  In this article I will continue describing Mallorca. Today is time for capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca. The previous article was about the major holiday resort Magaluf. Palma de Mallorca is the major city and port on the … Читать далее

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Exploring Mallorca — Magaluf

In October, 2012 , I had a trip to Mallorca, a beautiful island and famous resort, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to Spain.   Before I share other photos and videos from that amazing place, here … Читать далее

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FC Barcelona vs Milan 4-0. Catalans never give up!

Huh, came home just one hour ago. It was something! I was happy to be at Camp Nou tonight. If somebody is not aware, the Champions League match between FC Barcelona and AC Milan was played there. In the first … Читать далее

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My second time in Iceland. A large illustrated report.

Hey guys, finally got some time to post a new article Last two posts were about my perfomances in Antalya and Moscow . After showing a good perfomance in Moscow, my European trip continued by travelling to Iceland, this awesome country … Читать далее

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Turkish National Chess Championship 2013

A few days after the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, I got to play another tournament — the Turkish National Chess Championship which took place in a touristic region, Kemer (Antalya). We played in a wonderful 5-star hotel «Limra» so chess … Читать далее

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Impressions from Wijk aan Zee

I’m back home after spending almost 3 weeks in Wijk aan Zee. The Tata Steel Chess Tournament has turned a new page in my career, no doubt about that. However, I lost quite a lot of a rating but still … Читать далее

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World Junior Chess Champion 2012!

Dear Friends,I’m happy to announce that I have become the FIDE World Junior Chess Champion 2012 which was held in Athens from 2nd to 15th of August! Don’t miss many photos from Athens (including Acropolis) ! Share Tweet

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Bremen,Plovdiv and Sarajevo 2012

  In the previous article I shared impressions from Moscow,Remagen and Reykjavik. Here I will report about Bremen,Plovdiv and Sarajevo. Share Tweet

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Moscow,Remagen and Reykjavik 2012

Hey guys,sorry for not updating website that much time.Many things have happened since my last post.  First of all,since February 2012 I have been representing the Turkish Chess Federation! That’s a great news and I’m sure we will do a … Читать далее

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German Bundesliga 2011/2012. Cities Dortmund and Emsdetten

The second weekend of the German Chess Bundesliga 2011/2012 took place on weekend 19th-20th of November 2011 in different cities of Germany.Our team SK Turm Emsdetten played in Dortmund.We drew  one match and lost another one.My personal perfomance was quite … Читать далее

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